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5 Must-See Places to Eat with Locals

  Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam (Source: Hola Meal Sharers and fellow travel foodies! We’ve missed you! If you are excited about planning an upcoming trip but have no idea where to go, if you are bored of going to culturally-void resorts and need inspiration, or if you simply need ...Read More

Welcome HOME: Food Meets Language!

Imagine that simply by tasting a warm, spicy Mexican soup you could not only fill your belly, but also start speaking in Spanish! Ok, so maybe that’s a slight stretch, but Home is hosting a very unique food + language event that includes the infamous pozole and Spanish practice. Meal Sharing had ...Read More

So Radulous. (A RadSips Exclusive)

If you’ve haven’t heard the word on the Chicago streets yet, RadSips is the edgiest underground cocktail club to hit this small town. Capone, you ain’t got nuttin’ on this modern city! Meal Sharing sat down with Annette, the brains & beauty behind this interactive cocktail experience. If you haven’t tried her ...Read More

Tasty Look into Local Foodies!

Past Local Foodie Events   Meal Sharing is so excited to be teaming up with Local Foodies this month for an epic Rooftop Cinema Night. Here, we got an exclusive look into what Local Foodies is, and what’s on their plate! 1. What is Local Foodies, and how did you all meet? ...Read More

My Food (R)evolution

By Paul Abromeit, Meal Sharing Marketing  & Media Associate  Why do we eat? Is it simply to nourish ourselves? Or is it to experience the many joys associated with food? Put in other words. Do we eat to live? Or do we live to eat?  The easy answer would follow the first line of ...Read More

Scrambled Priorities: How Sharing my Last Meal Got Me An Apartment.

My day had been long. Six weeks of living in Bogota, Colombia had tried to teach me to be flexible, but my dwindling budget adamantly argued against it. Yet, I wanted to stay. The music alone was enough to convince me, and the gorgeous mountains, the sensual dancing, and most all, the ...Read More

Ashley thinks local in Cleveland

When people map out road trips, Cleveland, Ohio isn’t necessarily at the top of the destination list. Mealsharing host Ashley is here to argue for Cleveland’s delicious case! A Cleveland native, Ashley returned to her roots in more ways than one. As the Market Manager of the Downtown Farmers Market at Public ...Read More

Palestinian Kufta in the City of Light

Meet Lara, Paris’ First Meal Sharing Host For Lara, the world was introduced as a place of inspirational survival stories as well as heart-wrenching accounts of people forced to start their lives over. As one of three daughters in a family of Palestinian refugees, conflicts from across the globe have always been in ...Read More

From Fertilizer to Fabulous – The Lobster’s Crawl to the Ball

Admit it- we all love the rags to riches cinderella stories. We get those warm fuzzy feelings as we cheer on our heros who, against all odds, make it to the ball. This is very true tale about defying nature, destiny, and stereotypes, though our hero is a bit unconventional. Our protagonist ...Read More

Royal Mango and Ginger Chutney

The Queen had her Jubilee Celebration on June 2nd last year. As part of this my village on the south coast of England put together a recipe book – this is the recipe and the story that I submitted. Royal mango and ginger chutney Chutneys originated in India and the name comes ...Read More