Enchiladas Suizas

Mealsharing Recipe: Cheese Enchiladas Suizas

This is one of my most popular mealshares! It’s great to make ahead and for a crowd, so win win. :) Everything is to taste, so there’s no wrong way to make it. 

-Jessica, Community Manager


Serves 5

Active Prep time: 1 hour

Time in oven: 1 hour

2 Lbs of tomatillos, rinsed and cut in half

2 jalepenos, de-seeded and sliced

2 large onions

Two fistfuls of washed cilantro leaves

2lbs of shredded Chihuahua cheese

20 tortillas

1/2 c crema (Mexican sour cream)

To make the salsa:

-Set your oven on ‘“broil”

-Put the tomatillos and one roughly chopped onion on the top level of the oven for 15 min, until slightly blackened

-Let cool slightly, then put in a blender with the jalepenos

-Add in the cilantro and salt to taste

Heat your oven to 375 F.

-Once the salsa is ready, keep it hot in a large pot on the stove.

-Butter or spray a 9×13 baking dish.

-Fry the tortillas for 1-2 minutes each, and while still hot, dip them in the salsa.

-Place on the baking dish, and fill with cheese. Roll into an enchilada

-Repeat until all tortillas are used up.

-If there’s extra salsa, drizzle some over the top of the enchilada tray.

-Drizzle sour cream and extra cheese over the tray.

-Slice one onion into thinly and spread over the top

-Cover with aluminum and leave in oven for 50 min.

-Uncover 10 min minutes before taking out of oven.

-Let sit for 5 min before serving, and serve with sour cream!

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