So Radulous. (A RadSips Exclusive)

If you’ve haven’t heard the word on the Chicago streets yet, RadSips is the edgiest underground cocktail club to hit this small town. Capone, you ain’t got nuttin’ on this modern city! Meal Sharing sat down with Annette, the brains & beauty behind this interactive cocktail experience. If you haven’t tried her bitters yet, you haven’t been drinking right.
Annette is the awesome founder of RadSips; the 3rd RadSips event is August 29!

Annette is the awesome founder of RadSips; the 3rd RadSips event is August 29!



The next RadSips experience is August 29, and is for real the best part of Labor Day Weekend Chicago. Take a look!


1. Tell us about RadSips- How did it start, and what is it all about?


There’s nothing better to me than sipping on something delicious in the company of friends and interesting strangers – that’s why I’d been hosting mealshares and cocktail parties for ages. About two years ago, I developed an addiction to hitting up spots all over the city to sample the amazing cocktails bartenders here in Chicago are innovating. Those folks deeply inspired me to start tinkering around with developing my own recipes. When my original recipes ended up being awesome, I decided I needed a way to share them with other people who also love a well-made drink – thus RadSips was born.



2. We heard this next RadSips is gonna be epic- what’s going down?


It really is!! This will be the largest RadSips event to date, and is going to be a pre-Labor Day White Party. Suggested attire, is of course, all white everything, and of course, I’ll have drinks to match. All three cocktails which I’ll be serving will also be white (or shades of, ha).


The drinks are SO GOOD! One will be a summer herb gimlet, the second will be a riff on a the cosmo (think white cranberry, vermouth, and home-infused ginger/white tea/peppercorn vodka), and a really bizarre/delicious drink which includes pineapple and blue cheese.


I’m hosting in the headquarters of a local software design firm, Polymathic, in their super cool multi-purpose space, The Living Room. Luckily for everyone attending the party, we’re stumbling distance from the Western Blue Line station as well as the North Ave bus, and Ubers are in abundance because we’ll be on the fringes of Wicker Park.


3. What kind of people make the list for RadSips events?


Cocktail lovers, party people, and generally friendly and interesting folks. I’m always so in love with all my guests by the end of the night – everyone is always so cool!


4. What have the other events been like?


The first RadSips was #glam – think gorgeous skyline views from a rooftop in the South Loop. The second event was super-casual with tropical island vibes – it was a tiki party in a neat mid-century modern loft in Bucktown. This party is going to be a fun rager in an innovative office space. Not to give too much away, but September’s event is going to be really interesting – I’m hoping to do a more intimate and in-depth cocktail immersion with some fascinating spirits.


5. If RadSips were to have a motto, what would it be?


Surprisingly, it’s not a witty pun or anything cheeky; instead it’s just my very honest mission statement:

Enjoy delicious drinks in unusual spaces, surrounded by the coolest people.


The next #radsips event is August 29, 2014!

The next #radsips event is August 29, 2014!




Check it out, loves!

RadSip White Party