Tasty Look into Local Foodies!

Past Local Foodie Events
Past Local Foodie Events


Meal Sharing is so excited to be teaming up with Local Foodies this month for an epic Rooftop Cinema Night. Here, we got an exclusive look into what Local Foodies is, and what’s on their plate!

1. What is Local Foodies, and how did you all meet?

Local foodies are people who have a passion for the food and food systems within geographic proximity to where they live. They appreciate and celebrate local food because it supports the local economy, travels fewer miles, and allows them to connect to the actual people growing, cooking, or preparing their food. We certainly aren’t the only local foodies in Chicago, but we’re a group of people who met last year through friends of friends. The thing that binds us: we would all consider ourselves local foodies. We aren’t exclusive though, which is why we started throwing parties to share our love of local food and meet new local foodies.


2. What kind of people have come to your events?

Chefs, social entrepreneurs, designers, architects, musicians, developers, bee-keepers, you name it! Everyone eats. Everyone has a story about food. Everyone is invited to join us, so long as they’re eager to meet new people and share their love of local food too.


3. What are some of the events you’ve done together?

This will be our 3rd event in a year and a half. The first event was a small, locally sourced dinner that took place in a West Loop design studio. It was a great time! The second was a similar rooftop gathering. We’re excited about this 3rd event because there’s a few local food companies that have gotten involved, and we’re always looking to showcase new products and food sources. Plus, it’s our first time hosting via Meal Sharing! What better place to find new local foodies than a website build for people who love to come together over a meal.


4. What was a memorable moment from one of the past events?

During our first party we asked each guest to stand up and describe the best thing they ever ate. Ever. The answers were all so different and unique. Some inspiring, some gross, some unusual, some very simple, most made your mouth water (and that was after eating a huge dinner already). It’s not until after you’re asked to pinpoint one single food experience that you realize just how many food experiences you’ve had. Food is such an integral part of life. A basic human need. Yet, when you think about all the wonderful things that can be made and consumed, food is so diverse. It was awesome to share our past experiences, all while creating new memories.


5. What are you guys looking to create with this upcoming event?

We want to not only celebrate local food, but also celebrate our great city! We’re excited to screen a Chicago movie and remind our fellow Chicagoans why we stick it out through polar vortexes and sub-zero temperatures. Chicago is home, and Chicago has so many great things and people to offer. We’d also be interested in meeting people who are interested in being a part of the hosting process. We’ve seen these events grow in size dramatically. We’d love to continue expanding our reach by meeting people who can help us do just that.

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